How to Remove Win32 Trojan – Uninstall Instructions

Win32 Trojan is an adware which is known to download and install unsolicited software onto your computer. Win32 Trojan infiltrates your computer through email attachments infected with adware, loopholes in your browser and files shared across instant messengers.

When this Trojan launches, it is known to copy itself onto %WINDIR%\System32 (%WINDIR% refers to the folder where files of Windows OS are stored) and save itself under a disguised random name. It then launches every time you start your computer. If you happen to detect this malicious software on your PC, you must try to get rid of it immediately.

Ways to Remove Win32 Trojan

Most commonly used method to remove Win32 Trojan from your system is by using the in-built utility Add/Remove Programs, which can be accessed through Control Panel of your Windows menu. However, this method is found to be ineffective most of the times as there may be some files that are hidden and manage to escape from Add/Remove Programs.

To ensure complete eradication of this malware from your computer, you can adopt following two methods:

Remove Win32 Trojan Manually

To remove this malware manually, you must first take complete backup of your computer and then follow these 3 main steps:

  1. Find the location of Win32 Trojan File by searching your computer. When the results of the search are displayed on the screen, make note of the path of Win32. Agent file.
  2. Stop Win32 Trojan processes and delete the related files:
    • Next you must access WindowsTask Manager by pressing the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously. There will be list of names under the Processes tab. You must scroll and search for Win32. Agent. When you find it, you must right-click on it and then select End Processto stop it from running on your computer.
    • After ending the processes related to this Trojan, you must perform a search in your Windows Explorer for the following malicious files and delete them all: sskupdater.exe, ssk.exe, sskupdater.exe5102.exe, ssk.exe and 5102.exe.
  3. Remove the remaining files that belong to Win32 Trojan. You can accomplish this by going to Command Prompt. To do this press Start and then choose Run, type cmd, and then press Enter. Next you should navigate to the folder where the files of this Trojan are located. You can remove the other remaining files by deleting them one by one or you can get rid of the entire folder by typing rmdir /S Full_Folder_Name command. Lastly, once again go to Windows Task Manager and end the processes – sskupdater.exe, ssk.exe and5102.exe and then delete them.

Automatically remove Win32 Trojan

Most PC users find manually removing Win32 Trojan and other such malware a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Manual process is also prone to errors that may cause more harm to your PC than solving the existing problem. Many users have complained that manual process went awry and they had to reinstall their entire system.

A more popular and efficient method of eliminating such threats to your computer and preventing their recurrence in future is deploying reliable antivirus and antispyware software along with a good quality registry cleaner. Some tools that you can use are Antivirus Plus, XoftSpySe and RegGenie. While anti-malware tools protect your PC from external assaults, a reliable registry cleaner takes out any remnants of these malware that may be hiding in your system. Optimal use of these software not only keeps your system error-free but also keeps it performing as fast as a new PC, thereby enhancing your productivity.