Secure Uninstaller – An Unbiased Review

Is your computer filled with unwanted programs that you just can’t get rid of?

Do you want a safe way to remove unwanted programs completely from your computer?

Secure Uninstaller, a Windows software uninstaller tool by DeskTopTools, is designed to help Windows users get rid of unwanted programs from their systems.

A little information about DeskTopTools

DeskTopTools was launched in 2009 with the aim to provide the computing industry with tools designed to help users improve the performance and efficiency of their Windows PCs. Some of their popular tools include Driver Finder, QuickSYS Informer, and of course, Secure Uninstaller.

In this article, we will review different aspects of the Secure Uninstaller tool and find the answers to questions most users ask when they first use a new PC tool –

Why do I need an uninstall software like Secure Uninstaller?

To answer this question, let’s first discuss the common causes of unwanted programs on a Windows computer:

  • You bought a name brand PC that came pre-installed with several shareware programs you don’t need.
  • You installed some applications a few months or even a few years ago but don’t need to use them anymore.
  • You like to download and install various shareware and freeware tools from the internet.

You can always uninstall these programs using the Windows Add or Remove Programs utility, however, this utility is not very efficient and the chances of some hidden files and registry entries being left behind are quite high. If, due to some reason, an uninstallation process is stopped midway, the files may get corrupt and the Add or Remove Programs utility may not be able to help you.

It is in situations like these that the Secure Uninstaller tool comes in handy. The tool is designed to scan all nooks and corners of your Windows PC and get rid of all files, folders, and registry entries related to the program you are trying to uninstall.

What are the minimum system requirements for Secure Uninstaller?

To be able to run Secure Uninstaller on your computer, you need to have:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000, XP , Vista, or 7
  • CPU: Minimum 500 MHz
  • RAM: 256 MB or more
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 10 MB

How do I get it?

You can download the free trial version of Secure Uninstaller from its official website. The trial version will detect all software installed on your computer. To remove the programs, you will have to purchase the full version of the tool.

The download server of Secure Uninstaller is quite fast, and we were able to download the 5.50 MB file of Secure Uninstaller 2.0.0 within a couple of minutes.

Does it really work? I hope it isn’t a scam.

This is a genuine question. To help you out, here is our detailed review of the product.

We tested Secure Uninstaller on our 3-year-old Dell computer running Windows Vista that was filled with too many unwanted programs that were installed over the years.

Installing the tool was quite easy. We just double-clicked on the downloaded file to launch the installation wizard. Next, we followed the simple screen instructions to complete the installation.

Even if you are a non-technical computer user, you can easily install Secure Uninstaller on your computer.

Secure Uninstaller: The Real Product Test

To make sure that this software tool really delivers what it claims, we performed comprehensive product testing to review this tool.

The start screen

The first thing we noticed as soon as the tool was launched was its simple and clutter-free interface. The left panel of Secure Uninstaller has three buttons-

  • Program List
  • Restore Programs
  • Settings

The Program List page opens by default. There are a few icons at the bottom-right corner of the tool. These are:

  • Register: This option is available only if you have not yet registered Secure Uninstaller. You get a registration key when you buy the product. Click the Register button and then add your registration key to have a fully functional program.
  • About: Gives you information about the software.
  • Support: Takes you to the Online Support page of the software.
  • Help: Opens the software help section that you can refer to for learning about its basic

When the tool was launched, it quickly scanned our test system and displayed a list of all programs installed on our computer on the Program List screen.

Selecting a program from this list displayed details such as program name, publisher, version, etc. in the lower part of the interface.  To start testing, we decided to uninstall an old program from the system.

To do this, we selected the program and then clicked the Uninstall button displayed at the bottom right side of the screen.

A confirmation box asked to confirm if we really wanted to uninstall the selected software. We clicked Yes to proceed.

An Uninstall Complete message was displayed on the screen when the process was completed.

It took Secure Uninstaller quite a few minutes to uninstall the software. However, that may have been because we chose to use the Thorough Uninstall feature of the tool. After the uninstallation was complete, we searched the PC directory, registry, program shortcuts, etc., but could not find any information related to the file that was removed, which ensured the complete removal of the software.

Another interesting option that we found on this screen was the Delete button. This option helps in removing the entry of the selected program from the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel applet. We used this option to remove some of the orphaned entries in the Add or Remove programs on our computer.  It worked without any problems.

This handy option helps in de-cluttering the Add or Remove Programs applet. However, you must use this option only when you are sure that you have already uninstalled the selected program from the computer.

Secure Uninstaller: Features

When you use Secure Uninstaller, you get the advantage of the following features:

  1. Accurate Listing of Software: Secure Uninstaller will find all software on your PC and create a list of it. This uninstaller will list all software you may not have even seen on your PC, or programs that you may have removed but which still have entries in the registry.
  2. Heuristic Technology: Secure uninstaller does not limit itself by just giving multiple uninstall options to its users. It also makes sure that the unwanted programs and applications are totally removed from your computer. This is achieved by the use of its advanced Heuristic approach that ensures that when it uninstalls a program, it searches every possible location where a file or trace of the program may have been left behind.
  3. One Click Uninstall: An example of how customer-friendly this software is can be seen by the fact that they have provided a 1-click button to perform an uninstall without even opening the program and going through numerous steps.
  4. Advanced 3- Level Option for Uninstalling: Unlike many other competitive programs that do not offer customized options, Secure Uninstaller offers three levels of uninstall functions that you can opt for as per your requirements.
    • Standard Uninstall: Recommended for programs that you want to download to use now, but may not need later. This feature makes a backup of the program before removing it.
    • Complete Uninstall: This advanced feature is for big applications that perform a large number of functions. These applications are usually not removed completely by the Windows utility alone.
    • Thorough Uninstall: This is another advanced feature that is required for deep-rooted programs that may have become corrupted, infected, or damaged.
  5. Windows Registry Backup/Restore: Another way in which Secure Uninstaller helps you secure your computer is by allowing you the option of backing up your computer’s registry before initiating any uninstallation process. This means you can reverse any kind of system failure with the help of this software. Registry backups help in restoring the registry to its original configuration if an uninstallation fails and generates problems within the registry.
  6. Program Back Up / Restore: This program not only offers fast and complete uninstallation, but it also makes complete backups of the programs that you remove. These programs can be restored whenever you need them.
  7. Also, if you have uninstalled a program by mistake by using Secure Uninstaller, you just need to select the program on the Restore Programs page and then click the Restore button to restore its settings on the computer.

  8. Free Program Updates: You will be happy to know that the experts at Secure Uninstaller make sure that you always have the latest version of the software by offering a free update to all the new versions that are launched. What’s more, this offer never expires and is available for life!
  9. Professional Customer Service: All enquiries by customers are always responded to within 24 hours without any exception. This means that you are never alone if you encounter any problem while using the software. There is also a local help file to guide you if there are any issues.

We were fascinated by the ease with which Secure Uninstaller managed to remove the programs from our test machine within a few minutes. There are hardly any cons.  The free unregistered versions do not remove any program, though. It would be good for new customers to see some proof of the efficiency of the software before they actually buy the product.

Our Verdict of Secure Uninstaller: Every PC user would benefit from using this compact program. It takes away so many hassles associated with unwanted programs, files, and their registry entries, and is well worth the money.