How to Uninstall Dell Support

What is Dell Support Center?

Dell Support Center is a pre-installed software on all Dell systems and has a range of self-help tools for Dell users. It carries the Service Tag, Express Service Code, model number, owner’s manual, etc., and these help a user provide all the information to technical support to get assistance.

Dell Support Center is one of the most advanced software programs that provide enhanced troubleshooting steps, backup, and recovery options by connecting to the support server. This application also provides system specific notifications based on the type of OS.

How to uninstall Dell Support

As this is pre-installed software, Dell Support is easy to remove, but some functions of this software can still remain in the system. To remove Dell Support from the system, you can follow these methods –

  1. Uninstall from the Control Panel
  2. Use the uninstaller in the driver software
  3. Third Party software

Uninstall from the Control Panel – You can use the windows uninstaller which is present in the control panel to remove Dell support completely from the system. To uninstall, follow these steps –

  1. Close All programs you are running
  2. Click on Start and click on Control Panel
  3. Click on Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP or Program and Features in Win Vista / 7
  4. Select Dell Support from the list of programs installed and choose Change/Remove or uninstall
  5. Click Yes to uninstall Dell Support when it asks Are you sure you want to remove Dell Support from your computer?

This will remove Dell Support from the windows system.

Using the uninstaller in the driver software – You can download the Dell Support software from the Dell website. Once downloaded, click on the file to unzip the files then follow these steps –

  1. Close the Dell support application
  2. Click on Start and the in the Run dialog box type C:\dell\drivers
  3. Look for all or any of these folders:
  4. R57848

  5. Double click on setup. This will launch the Dell Support installation window again
  6. Click Next and choose the Remove button

This will remove all entries related to Dell support from the system.

Third Party Software – There are some third party applications which will help to completely eliminate all traces of the Dell Support utility from the system. Two of these software are listed below –

Perfect Uninstaller software – This is a powerful uninstaller software which goes into the core of the OS and provides a shortcut called ‘Force Uninstall’ in the shell component. You can right click on the Dell support application and choose the option to uninstall it.

RegGenie – RegGenie is a registry software which assists in completely removing registry entries related to a software. This software not only removes all traces of the Dell Support utility, but also helps in removing null entries from the registry.