How to Uninstall DivX

What is DivX?

DivX is a video codec designed by DivX Inc., which gained popularity because of its ability to compress video segments into smaller chunks while maintaining the original quality. DivX has two major codec components: one is the MPEG-4 Part-2 codec, and the second one is the DivX HD codec.

DivX not only installs itself in the video codec of the system, but also installs its components in the browser too. This enhances the ability of a browser to watch online videos, so uninstalling it from the system can affect your system’s ability to play online videos.

How to uninstall DivX

DivX 11 is a package which installs itself into various locations of the video driver files. As it does not install itself in the core of the system, you can uninstall it using these methods –

  1. Windows Uninstaller from  the Control Panel
  2. Windows Installer Cleanup and System Restore
  3. Third Party software

Windows Uninstaller from the Control Panel – Windows provides an uninstaller service which helps in uninstalling software installed on the system. DivX can be uninstalled by following these steps –

  1. Close All running programs which use Audio or video
  2. Click on Start and Control Panel
  3. Click on Add or Remove Programs in Win XP or Program and Features in Win Vista/7
  4. Select DivX from the list and choose Change/Remove or uninstall
  5. Click Yes when the dialogue box asks Are you sure you want to remove DivX from your computer?
  6. Restart the system

This will remove DivX from the system.

System Restore and Windows Installer Cleanup– The System Restore feature present in Windows restores the registry as it was on a particular day by enabling you to choose the same from the list of dates provided. Once a date before the installation of DivX is chosen, the registry of the chosen date is put into place, and in this way, DivX will be removed from the system. To run this feature, use these steps –

  1. Click on Start and then All programs
  2. Browse to Accessories and then click on System tools
  3. Click on the System restore option and then choose a date prior to the installation of DivX
  4. Click Next after selecting the date

The system restarts after the settings are applied. You can now run the Windows Installer Cleanup tool to remove the registry entries related to DIvX. You can download and install it from the Microsoft website. Follow these steps to remove DivX –

  1. Close all programs running video or audio.
  2. Click on Start and then All programs
  3. Click on Windows Installer Cleanup
  4. From the list, choose DivX
  5. Click on Remove
  6. Close Windows Installer Cleanup

This will remove DivX completely from the system.

In Mac OS

Look for the uninstaller in the /Applications/Divx folder. If it is not present, then look in /Library/Quicktime and /Applications folders locations and delete preferences from ~/Library/Preferences/.

Third Party Software – You can use Perfect Uninstaller to remove DivX files and folders completely from the system. RegGenie is a powerful registry editor tool which will help in removing all the registry entries related to DivX.