How to Uninstall Google Earth

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a geo-browser application which has a virtual globe with complete geographic information. It provides complete geographical locations with maps using superimposition of images. These images are obtained by using aerial photography, GIS, and satellite imagery, and these are then superimposed on maps.

Google Earth is present in 37 different languages, and many of its enhancements have been released, such as Google Street View, Sky mode, Ocean, etc. The free version of this software provides limited features, while the commercial version provides a wide variety of features.

Google Earth is present for all versions of OS and also releases regular updates for both commercial and free versions.

How to uninstall Google Earth

Google Earth is an application which installs itself like any other regular program, so it can be easily removed from the system. You can employ these methods to uninstall it –

  1. From the Control Panel
  2. With System Restore and Windows Installer Cleanup
  3. Other Removal Software

From the Control Panel – Windows Uninstaller is a tool which is present in the control panel of Windows, and this can be used to uninstall programs from the system. You can use these steps to run the uninstaller –

  1. Close the Google Earth application
  2. Click on Start and then go to Control Panel
  3. Click on Program and Features in Win 7/ Vista or Add or Remove Programs in Win XP
  4. Choose Google Earth from the list of programs and click on Change/Remove or Uninstall
  5. Restart the system

This will remove all the files and folders related to Google Earth.

With System Restore and Windows Installer Cleanup – System Restore is a feature in Windows OS which puts into place the registry backup of the date chosen from the provided list. To run this feature, use these steps –

  1. Close All Applications
  2. Go to All programs
  3. Navigate to Accessories and then System tools
  4. Click on System restore
  5. Choose a date prior to the installation of Google Earth
  6. Click Next after selecting the date

This will apply the settings and restart the system once it is done. After the system restarts, you can use the Windows Installer Cleanup software to remove the registry entries of Google Earth. You can download and install this application from the Microsoft website. Follow these steps to run this application-

  1. Click on Start and then All Programs
  2. Click on Windows Installer Cleanup
  3. From the list, select Google Earth
  4. Click on Remove
  5. Close the application

This will remove most of the registry entries related to Google Earth from the system.

Mac OS X

It is very easy to remove Google Earth from Mac OS X. You have to just drag the icon to the trash, and all the files will be deleted from the system.

Other Removal Software– You can download and install the Perfect Uninstaller application, which has a shell component option called ‘Force Install’. You can right click on the Google Earth application and choose this mode to completely remove this software.

To remove the registry entries, you can use the powerful RegGenie software, which removes all the unwanted entries related to Google Earth.