How to Uninstall Winrar

What is Winrar?

Winrar is a very powerful data compression and file archive utility that is used on almost OS platforms ranging from Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux. RAR is a proprietary method of data compression and file spanning format and the reason for its popularity is its high degree of compression capabilities. Winrar not only supports its own format but a wide variety of formats like zip, arj, lzr, gz, ace, iso, 7z etc. It is extensively used in corporate offices because of its 128-bit AES encryption and its support for the NTFS file system. It also has self-extracting and multiple-volume split features that give it leverage over its competitors.

How to uninstall Winrar

Winrar is a small utility that is actually very easy to uninstall. You can uninstall Winrar from your Windows computer using the following methods:

Method 1: Using Winrar Uninstaller – Winrar provides its own uninstall tool that actually uses parts of the Windows uninstaller service to remove Winrar folders and registry entries. To run this, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start and go to All Programs.
  2. Browse to Winrar and then right-click on it.
  3. Select Open file location to open the WInrar folder.
  4. Double click on Uninstall to remove Winrar.

If this method of uninstallation was not successful, you can always use the windows uninstaller service.

Method 2: Add/Remove or Program and Features Option in Windows

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Click on Program and Features for Windows Vista and 7 or Add and Remove Programs for Windows XP.
  3. Select Winrar from the list and click Uninstall or Change/Remove.

Follow the screen instructions to remove the software.

Although these methods are simple to use, they may not work if Winrar installation on your computer is corrupt. In this case, you can use an efficient third-party program uninstall tool such as Perfect Uninstaller to perform the removal. Perfect Uninstaller comes with a force uninstall feature that enables you to get rid of software even when their files are corrupt. What’s more, the tool scans your entire PC and registry to make sure all information related to the program is removed during uninstallation to ensure complete removal.

It is also recommended that after uninstalling WinRar or any other program from your computer, you check the Windows registry for any left-behind information and remove it. The easiest way to perform registry cleanup is by using a trustworthy registry tool, such as RegGenie.